Health ManagementHealth Management

Health Management

01 Health Management Declaration

In April 2016, the ANA Group issued the "ANA Group Health Frontier Declaration" based on the belief that it is most important for each and every employee to be healthy and to work vigorously.
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In April 2019, ANA WINGS issued the "ANA WINGS Health Management Declaration". The company, employees, and health insurance association unite to realize health management that taking one step at a time toward "raising awareness", "taking action", and "making habits”.


The ANA Group believes that it is important for each and every employee to work in good health and energetic manner, both physically and mentally.
In April 2016, we made the ANA Group Health Frontier Declaration.
ANA WINGS will also appoint a Chief Wellness Officer starting in 2019. We have been promoting health management in earnest.
Good health leads to better concentration and efficiency at working. We believe that this is also true for maintaining safe operations, which we consider to be of the utmost importance.
We have also taken on the challenge of becoming a health management brand, and in FY2021, we were able to receive White 500 certification for the first time.
Walking tournaments are held to encourage exercise, and various web-based seminars are also held.
In addition, employees conduct a stress check on your mental health.
The goal is to promote awareness of one's own mental state and prevention of mental illness.
We will continue to take on the challenge of new initiatives that will lead to the health of our employees.

ANA Wings, CO., LTD.
Seiji Ejima

For the third consecutive year, our company has been certified as a "Corporation with Excellent Health Management (Large Corporation Category)" conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Health Council.

*The "Corporation for Excellent Health Management" is a system which certifies not only listed companies but also large corporations that conduct excellent health management with health insurance societies and other insurers.
  • 2022 健康経営優良法人 Health and productivity ホワイト5002022 健康経営優良法人 Health and productivity ホワイト500
  • 2023 健康経営優良法人 Health and productivity ホワイト5002023 健康経営優良法人 Health and productivity ホワイト500
  • 2023 健康経営優良法人 Health and productivity ホワイト5002023 健康経営優良法人 Health and productivity ホワイト500
  • 認定証(大規模法人部門(ホワイト500))認定証(大規模法人部門(ホワイト500))

02 Health Management Promotion System

Under the leadership of the Chief Wellness Officer (CWO), who is responsible for health management, the three-party collaboration among employees, the health insurance association, and the company, various health promotion measures will be implemented based on an accurate understanding of the health-related status of employees.

Promotion of Health Management

In promoting health management, we focus on the following four areas, and follow the PDCA cycle. We analyze employee health issues and regularly review the effectiveness of our measures and revise them as necessary.

ANA WINGS Health Management Declaration

  1. 01Health Care
  2. 02Disease Prevention
  3. 03Mental Health
  4. 04Health and Safety Activities

03 Major Initiatives

1. Health Care

  • The ANA Group has established common items for periodic health checkups, and the criteria for judgment have been standardized. We have four offices nationwide, and in cooperation with the health management offices in each district, industrial physicians and public health nurses provide support to employees who require care based on the results of periodic health examinations.

2. Disease Prevention

We believe that disease prevention is important for employees to stay healthy and work long hours, and we are working on disease prevention focusing on the following five items.

  1. ①Cancer prevention and measures for women-specific diseases
    • Cancer Prevention
      Subsidies for physical examination fees, colorectal cancer screening, cervical cancer screening (HPV test), and prostate cancer screening (subsidies for cancer screening by mail)
    • Measures against Female-Specific Diseases
      Health insurance association pays for women's lifestyle-related disease checkups for dependents (including specific health guidance)
  2. ②Efforts to Stop Smoking
    We are working to support smoking cessation. Since smoking affects not only the individual but also those around him or her through passive smoking, we encourage efforts toward smoking cessation.
    • Smoking cessation seminar by industrial physicians
    • Distribute information to raise awareness about smoking cessation on the company website.
    • Health insurance association to conduct "No Smoking Emergency Exit Campaign" and "Online Smoking Cessation Support Program
  3. ③Establishment of exercise habits
    • Using MY HEALTH WEB, a health promotion app introduced by the ANA Group in 2019, we are trying to reduce the number of people who feel a lack of exercise that is due to incresing remort work.
  4. ④Initiatives for occupational accidents
    • The purpose of this project is to help people build a healthy body in order to prevent back pain caused by long hours of seating during remote work and the impact of landing on the crew. Posture improvement program have been implementing since 2022.
  5. ⑤Countermeasures against influenza infection
    • We are conducting appropriate measures against infectious diseases.
    • The company provides and subsidizes the cost of influenza vaccinations.

3. Mental Health

We support the mental health of employees by promoting participation in line care seminars for managers by ANA Group mental health advisors (psychiatrists) and by distributing online educational materials on self-care. Stress checks are conducted once a year, and high-stress employees are interviewed by industrial physicians to prevent the onset and severity of mental illnesses. We also promote the use of a counseling system through an external contact point.

4. Health and safety activities

The Health and Safety Committee members lead monthly workplace inspections to improve the workplace environment. In addition, health lectures by industrial physicians and information dissemination from management are conducted.

04 Health Care Indicators and Performance

We have set medium-term goals for the following four items by FY2025, and are implementing various initiatives.

  • BMI-appropriate ratio: Percentage of people with BMI* 18.5≦BMI<25.
    *BMI = weight kg ÷ (height m)2
  • Smoking rate: Percentage of smokers
  • Metabolic syndrome rate: Percentage of people aged 40 or older who have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome that meets the criteria*.
    *Criteria applicable→Meets the criteria for abdominal circumference (85 cm or more for men, 90 cm or more for women) and also has 2 or more risks for blood glucose, lipids, and blood pressure.
  • Percentage of respondents with 3 or more physical complaints*.
    *Physical complaints → Symptoms of physical discomfort (e.g., back pain, eye fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, etc.)

In addition to the above four indicators, we are also implementing measures to improve mental health (reducing the ratio of high-stress employees), and are working to create an environment in which employees can demonstrate their performance by working in good mental and physical health conditions.